Daemon Transactional suite (DTS) is an agile, multi-play converged solution, architected for the connected world delivering sophisticated and personalized features to support complex business models and provide superior customer service experiences in the new Digital Economy.

DTS offers an optimal choice to transform existing revenue management and billing solutions into next generation converged solutions and is targeted for the telecommunications operators, corporate IT service providers, Content providers , IOT service providers , Financial transactional service providers, SAAS and any digital infrastructure companies, allowing them to immediately benefit on their competitive advantages while significantly reducing time to market for new services and provide optimal Customer service experience while managing the total cost of ownership by leveraging existing assets and legacy solutions.

With the right use of pre-built COTS modules and technologies, DTS allows providers to define, provision, monitor and invoice the services in convergent multi-play environments. Providers can now offer real-time charging, billing, , customer care and partner revenue share and settlement functions for services across multiple lines of business be it , Telephony (Mobile and Landline), data, VOIP , currency or new age IOT devices. DTS allows hierarchical product and Customer management that allows nimble operators to create new service models and offerings especially where service Providers are innovating at break-neck speeds to beat the incumbents.

Transactional Billing System – DTS

DTS one-stop Business Support System solution designed specifically for launching converged services in growth markets and provides a robust, scalable and flexible customer and revenue management infrastructure that focuses on simplicity, performance, security, openness and extensibility. Built on a novel, performance oriented architecture, DTS enables you adopt extreme business agility to quickly launch, deliver, charge, control and profit from new innovative services and creates differentiation from competitive offerings.

DTS provides comprehensive functionalities to cover a wide range of customer management and billing needs, starting from customer registration to service fulfillment, usage processing, billing & invoicing, payment collection, credit treatment to customer trouble ticketing. Its unprecedented flexibility ensures that it can model varied business processes easily and quickly.

DTS fulfillment products provide you a collaborative product creation environment and ensure fast and accurate provisioning of multitude of services. With flexible product catalog, a comprehensive order management system and a multi-service activation product, you eliminate complexities involved in delivery and control of next-generation services in a multi-vendor setup. DTS enables you to automate provisioning of majority of your services and ensures pleasing purchase experience for your customers by providing an easy-to-operate negotiation environment.

DTS analytic products assist you to gain insights into customer behavior and empower you to take proactive actions to enhance customer retention, revenue and to prevent losses due to fraud. These products are highly flexible and drive fact-based decision making by providing straight-forward visualization and task-relevant output. Products can initiate automated actions based on configured rules and provide predictive modeling to enable you take optimum and realistic decisions for sustainable growth. With instant availability of actionable information on all aspects of customer accounts, these products ensure that you make every customer interaction pleasant, meaningful and profitable


  • Built on a novel architecture, DTS provides unprecedented flexibility and extreme time-to-market enabling you to rapidly and cost-effectively create, deliver, charge and profit from innovative new services.
  • With comprehensive and flexible automation, DTS provides an easy-to-use environment for your operations staff and partners and promotes transparency, security, timely availability of actionable information and efficient task execution.
  • Based on a workflow based information management system, DTS enables high level of process independence to create an adaptable environment which supports reuse, robust integration of enterprise applications and flexible co-ordination of human agents and teams.
  • DTS fits seamlessly into your enterprise IT architecture using SOA based integration, thus fosters software extension to protect your investment.
  • DTS supports parallel processing using multiple threads and is well suited to utilize modern day high performance multi-core processors. Superior performance of DTS along with tier-1 grade scalability enables you to reduce operational complexity and plan for growth in a simple and cost-effective way.
  • Extensive integration with mobile equipment (using mobile embedded software) for trouble tickets, invoice view, enquiry on products/services and unbilled usage analysis.