Daemon CRM System is designed for CSPs CSPs operating over smart telecommunications networks.

  • Private access networks (retail services).
  • Open access networks (wholesale services).
  • Transport networks such as submarine cables or terrestrial backbone optical fiber networks (data transmission services).

The objective of this solution is to reduce operational expenditures.

  • Rapid time to market of new products and services.
  • Catalog-oriented tool for a full product life cycle management.
  • Improved subscribers Quality of Service through easy process customization.
  • Increased operational efficiency through easy process automation.

The Daemon CRM system manages several scenarios simultaneously.

  • Multiple networks.
  • Multiple type of final subscribers: residential, small business and big business.
  • Multiple Catalogs per Network.
  • Multiple Service Providers.
  • Customization of business processes.
  • Modular functionalities.
  • Cloud computing supported thanks to the web based architecture.
  • Customer Self-Management through a web portal.
  • Single point of contact for service providers.