A leading Indian Educational Group about Daemon KLIP

“The Daemon team is working hard to meet our academic year deadline while implementing their Learning Management System (LMS), KLIP. Along with the LMS, they are providing us with bundled learning content. This has made adaptation to the LMS more convenient. We recommend KLIP for all Academic Institutions who are seeking personalized teaching, assessments, gamification and analytics”

NASDAQ about Sisense Analytics

“What we love about Sisense is that it offers our customers a way to easily dissect and manipulate the data”

A leading Indian Real Estate SEZ Building Management group about Daemon’s IoT expertise

“We trusted Daemon software with an upcoming technology such as IoT (Internet of Things) and they have lived up to our expectations. Daemon Software has a tech savvy team which is handling our project well and producing results to our satisfaction. Power is one of the major Operational expense for any Campus and Daemon has Power management and monitoring solution that helps in monitoring consumption and applying usage rules. We believe that with the kind of IoT expertise they have, they can handle multiple IoT projects. We recommend Daemon as a great IoT service provider.”

TELSTRACLEAR, New Zealand about Daemon’s Telecom Practice

I wanted to thank you for all the excellent effort that you’ve provided TelstraClear in the past. The on-site resources that you’ve helped us acquire are some of the best from any of the vendors or consulting companies I’ve worked with. Thank you for your partnership over the years and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”