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Today all big Businesses have a CRM and an ERP and other Bespoke Billing and Legacy applications across their Enterprise Technology spectrum. All these systems perform beautifully for a point solution but typically have a silo view when looked at from a Business wide perspective either because of Enterprise process design issues or due to M &A that has resulted in disparate systems. What most companies realize today is that they interoperate and help the Business and Service executes with limited efficiency. When it comes to the sales, service or Accounts teams, integrating these helps improves forecasting and automation, vendor relationships, and identifying growing profitable relationships but that typically is either a uphill task or requires huge investments or is impossible sometime due to the constant changes in the Business.

Daemon Customer Experience Management (CEM) enables you to create a single identity of customers with multiple subscriptions across lines of business. It allows the business and Account Managers to have a 360 degree view of customer interactions across multiple touch points thus helping the business consistent, personalized and interactive communications to the customer through a unified distribution platform. This Customer Experience Management platform allows you to create a unified customer interface from onboarding to servicing, and from marketing to partner enablement for faster and efficient service delivery.

Daemon’s UniServe solution is a scalable low cost platform that integrates and synchronizes these disparate systems into a seamless platforms that can support all Business processes and help to meet on demand Business needs with full and real time data sharing across these multiple system. UniServe is not a Data warehouse solution but a core platform whose primary functions are Integration, Data capture for Analytics and Single view and from then on the business can add point based solutions like Onboarding, Corporate Care, Self-Care, Campaign Marketing and Digital Customer Engagement and Sales and Partner applications (Ecommerce for e.g.) as needed. Once the initial platform build is done there is minimal to no code customizations required to scale vertically or horizontally as the business evolves.

Corporate Care Solutions

  • Our solution provides a rich Analytics and Reporting module which helps in decision making to the business users and for clients to manage the spends across operating units
  • 360 ° enterprise view for all stakeholders to reduce DSO and improve transparency thus reducing leakage and disputes
  • Integration with Billing, Financial & CRM Enterprise applications for a single unified view of data across silos for targeted marketing and ROI analysis
  • Account Managers can focus on building the Business pipeline saving from the time for servicing
  • Our solution allow Telco’s corporate customers ability to view, analyze and pay for billed services and manage approval and payment online thus reducing Account Management support
  • Our solution will allow Telco’s the ability to manage and track contracts and PO process reducing revenue leakage and disputes for both sides increasing transparency and stickiness
  • Drive convergence across services to maximize customer service quality and additional revenue by offering tiered model of reporting

Self-Care Solutions

  • Self-service for Bill view, payments, issue resolution
  • Reduce Customer support cost with online trouble ticketing
  • Personalized and consistent communication via multiple channels
  • Streamline Service, order and dispute management.
  • Integrate with have tools to supports features like chat, wiki, blog and forum-creates collaborative forum to solve questions, issues and common user needs

Customer Marketing Solutions

  • Personalized and Omni-channel alerts & notifications across all lines of businesses for marketing and compliance
  • Consistent and tailored alerts and notification systems with a single unified hub
  • Centralized reports for analyzing Campaign Effectiveness

Onboarding Solutions

  • Automate onboarding of new customers across channels
  • Workflow based case management and enrollment to speed up onboarding
  • Alerts & Notifications for onboarding support
  • Simplify the compliance complexity for customers

Ecommerce and Partner Enablement

  • Enable and expand the sales channel with Direct sales online and cross sell and up sell
  • Drive convergence across service lines to maximize customer service and revenue
  • Personalized information and newsletters to customers based on the customer profile, segment and browsing history
  • Enable partners to view real time inventory and perform content updates reducing partner channel costs

Improved & Predictable Delivery

  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities through personalized marketing messages through preferred channels of communication
  • Awareness of leads through measurement of campaigns

Decreased Costs

  • Reduces operating expenses such as white mail costs
  • Fewer calls to CRM reduce the requirement of number of customer service executives, hardware infrastructure, and lease lines.
  • Replacement of multiple redundant alerts & notification systems with the single unified hub.

Increase Revenue

  • Streamlining collection processes help account managers handle new businesses rather than existing customers
  • Reduces enterprise customer churn
  • Spend analysis based targeted up-selling & cross-selling
  • Reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 20%

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Efficient customer service due to availability of single view
  • Reduces turnaround time from procurement to payment
  • Self-help invoice management improves loyalty by 20%