Enterprises today are struggling with three huge challenges:

Data Explosion: The volume of enterprise data has grown multi-fold and the types of enterprise data has become complicated with Structured, Unstructured types of data in the categories of First Party, Second Party and Third Party data

Changing Business Needs: With more organizations investing in Customer Engagement and experience, pre-defined reports, dashboards and models are becoming redundant and executives are asking more complex questions on customer and stakeholder behaviours.

Do It Yourself needs: There is wave to do self-service on data analysis, interpretation and decision making. This calls for an infrastructure that is flexible, scalable on demand and constantly self-adjusting

Daemon’s Big Data and Analytics solutions help enterprises scale these challenges seamlessly. Our team of highly experienced Experts offer just that, in building a tailor made big data roadmap for your business. Including strategy consulting, building use cases, preparing staff, evangelizing big data technologies, providing a transformation roadmap and assisting with the best industry practices.

Once the strategy is constructed, we work with you in implementing the same through Data Governance Practices, Data Integration Platforms, Analytics and Reporting services.

Daemon provides the following services

  • Big Data Consulting
  • Data Integration Platform- Using own proprietary platform and also through custom platforms using Hadoop, MS –SQL, Oracle and Informatica
  • Reporting and Visualization Services – Using QlikView, Tableau and other open source tools
  • Analytical Model Building – Using R and SAS software