Enterprises today are struggling with three huge challenges:

Data Explosion: The volume of enterprise data has grown multi-fold and the types of enterprise data has become complicated with Structured, Unstructured types of data in the categories of First Party, Second Party and Third Party data

Changing Business Needs: With more organizations investing in Customer Engagement and experience, pre-defined reports, dashboards and models are becoming redundant and executives are asking more complex questions on customer and stakeholder behaviours.

Do It Yourself needs: There is wave to do self-service on data analysis, interpretation and decision making. This calls for an infrastructure that is flexible, scalable on demand and constantly self-adjusting

Daemon’s Big Data and Analytics solutions help enterprises scale these challenges seamlessly. Our team of highly experienced Experts offer just that, in building a tailor made big data roadmap for your business. Including strategy consulting, building use cases, preparing staff, evangelizing big data technologies, providing a transformation roadmap and assisting with the best industry practices.

Once the strategy is constructed, we work with you in implementing the same through Data Governance Practices, Data Integration Platforms, Analytics and Reporting services.

Daemon provides the following services

  • Big Data Consulting
  • Data Integration Platform- Using own proprietary platform and also through custom platforms using Hadoop, MS –SQL, Oracle and Informatica
  • Reporting and Visualization Services – Using QlikView, Tableau and other open source tools
  • Analytical Model Building – Using R and SAS software

About Sisense

Daemon is a partner and Systems Integrator for Sisense, one of the fastest growing Business Analytics software for companies with large, complex or scattered data, offering an end-to-end software that lets users easily analyze complex data sets from multiple sources. Sisense handles the full cycle of Business Intelligence, from data preparation to dashboard reporting and visualization--all in single stand-alone solution or as embedded analytics. More than four thousand customers are already using Sisense, including NASDAQ, Airbus, Orion, Intuit and eBay, with the business more than doubling every year over the last six years. Using proprietary "in-chip" software technology that utilizes the CPU and RAM of commodity computers, Sisense crunches 100x more data and supports 10x the number of users that in-memory analytics and this technology has won many awards including: Gartner Cool Vendor 2014, take the H.E.L.M, World Technology Award, and Audience Award at Strata Conference, positioned for Business Intelligence to execute in the Visionaries Quadrant 2018

Sisense Product Overview

Sisense’s Business Intelligence makes it easy to instantly reveal business insights from complex data – any data source, any size.  Sisense simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing Business Intelligence or disparate datasets. Sisense is agile, flexible and produces actionable results for companies within days, rather than months; and that business users and analysts should be able to freely explore their data, without relying on a patchwork of tools or extensive IT assistance – even, and especially, in complex scenarios. By removing limitations of data size and speed imposed by in-memory and relational databases, Sisense enables any business to deliver fast, terabyte-scale analytics across their entire organization. Sisense's intuitive drag-and-drop user interface and rich data visualizations make it easy to do the difficult tasks of Business Intelligence, visualizing and analyzing data in dashboards and reports. SiSense is a flexible, self-service Business Intelligence solution that was built to empower non-technical business users to be able to quickly and easily design dashboards and perform ad-hoc analytics on their data.

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Airbus as a case study

Airbus works with a number of suppliers, partners and clients .So to manage so many different parameters which include Operations readiness, project delivery and Financial Dashboards they needed a global view not just about having high-level numbers of a very simplified vision of certain parameters. They needed to go into the details of understanding each and every market and aspect of Operations

They wanted a solution which was extremely fast, simple to put in place, and which would deliver very, very high performance in terms of data analysis and drill downs and their challenge was finding a platform which could do all this and handle the complexity of the volume of our data.

Sisense quickly gave them a solution where their own employees or data scientists could defined ElastiCubes and the data model which could handle a lot of complexity for the Unified Data view. And in a matter of days, they had a solution, with autonomy to develop and build dashboards and solutions for their Operations and their customers.

Nasdaq provides better Data insights to customers

NASDAQ uses Sisense for embedded interactive reporting within their IR Insight flagship product. The platform offers its customers a way to dissect and manipulate the data in a way that really they haven’t encountered before and doesn’t exist in the financial services industry.

NASDAQ had incredibly high information security standards and Sisense was able to meet these. The biggest win for them was to really allow their clients to have a new way of interacting with data that they’re very familiar and making sense of the data. Their customers rely on a range of data and content, including information that they license from others and information that they input themselves and being able to layer those together and really attain a new level of value from content with deeper insights and in another context was a big achievement for NASDAQ.

Other Use Cases for Sisense

  • Crowd Mobile, an Australian tech company in the mobile services industry, was knee-deep in Excel spreadsheets when it became clear a BI system was needed. The company adopted Sisense. Sisense was quickly deployed, widely adopted and is used to improve the efficiency of marketing and operations as well as generate reports.
  • Trupanion is the 2nd largest and fastest growing pet insurance company in North America. With the company’s continued growth and success, the need for accurate, comprehensive, and immediate information regarding sales, customer service, and retention operations grew. Daily reporting requirements were taking an inordinate amount of time so TJ Houk, BI Director, decided to find a dedicated BI tool. His decision to go with Sisense led to significant productivity improvements while maintaining headcount. Hanging from the Trupanion office walls are TV monitors showing department KPI dashboards. Managers sit right in front of the dashboards keeping an eye on their teams’ achievements and overall department performance in real time. 
  • KargoCard is a leading China-based service provider and distributor of gift cards and prepaid cards. The company has data coming in from a multitude of sources, the bulk of which is generated by transactional systems, including point-of-sale transaction data, online shopping carts, mobile shopping carts, and third party platforms delivering content. They needed to track sales through thousands of sales points, perform inventory management, and provide real time external reporting to their partners. When Co-founder and CTO, Ashmit Bhattacharya, decided it was time to implement a BI tool, he went straight to Sisense from his previous positive experience at another company. KargoCard was able to meet their objectives with Sisense and realize a 48x speed improvement in report generation from their previous system.