OSS BSS & System Integrations: Transforming the Digital World

With the advent of new communication and last mile technologies in the Digital Economy, demand for new services has pushed subscriber growth exponentially and service providers are witnessing huge network utilization and congestion while vying for increasing market share.

They are increasingly relying on technology solutions to offer innovative services and increase customer satisfaction by offering superior experience at the most optimized costs.

Daemon Telecom Suite is an agile, multi-play converged BSS solution with CRM, Mediation, Billing and Rating functions as its core and architected for the connected world to deliver sophisticated and personalized features that support complex business models and provide superior customer service experiences in the new Digital Economy.

Daemon Telecom Suite offers an optimal choice to transform existing Legacy Billing, OSS and BSS and partner management solutions into next generation converged BSS OSS and CRM solutions and is targeted for the telecommunications operators, corporate IT service providers, Financial transaction providers, SAAS and infrastructure companies and small businesses with legacy CRM systems and Billing systems.

DTS allows them to immediately benefit from their competitive advantages while significantly reducing time to market for new services and at the same time lowering the total cost of ownership by leveraging existing assets and legacy solutions.

Daemon Telecom Suite: the Converged OSS BSS Solution for Service Providers

Daemon Telecom Suite allows providers to define, monitor and bill the services in convergent multi-play environments. Providers can offer real-time charging, billing, interaction, customer care (CRM software) and partner interaction and settlement functions for services across multiple lines of business be it data, voice, VOIP, currency or new age IOT device play.

It offers an optimal choice to transform existing billing systems and partner revenue management solutions into next generation converged OSS BSS Solutions.

It also allows hierarchical product management and Customer Order management that allows nimble operators to create new service models and offerings, especially where service Providers are innovating at breakneck speeds to beat the incumbents.

Some of the salient features of Daemon Telecom Suite are:

  • Convergent Platform to provide Unified billing service with complete order to invoice – configurable bill cycles, carry-forwards and tailored bill formats for (dis) aggregated needs.
  • Fully automated rate management, to create the myriad of rate plans through a simple UI.
  • Quick and easy creation of contextual offers and bundled services with a Dynamic product Catalogue Management to seize market opportunities.
  • Flexible Workflow Engine to automate Business process support and Quality Control gates.
  • 360° view of the Customer with all the required information in a single view at a micro and macro levels with Out-of-the-box CRM & CEM tools.
  • Payment and Account Receivables management accomplished by integrating with gateways and External financial systems and Banks over secured interfaces with pre-built adaptors.
  • Ability to define personalized promotion & discounting schemes to reduce churn.
  • Self-care to enable customer self-service management (inquiry, subscription, activation, deactivations, etc.) through an efficient Web interface.
  • Centralized Inventory Management for different resource types (SIM/IMSI/MSISDN/Vouchers/Bundles) with simple logistic and operations support.
  • Daemon Telecom Suite supports TM Forum’s e-TOM standards.
  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence Module with an ability to add on Daemon’s patented credit-and-risk scoring engine to mine high margin customers and prevent churn while analyzing business strengths and market opportunities.
  • Centralized Administrator Console offering carrier-grade features for Operations & Management.
  • Intuitive & User-friendly Dashboards and Reports that can be customized to user need.
  • Highly Scalable and Redundant carrier-grade system that delivers consistent services.

Daemon Telecom Suite- Key Differentiators



    • Provides unprecedented flexibility and rapid time-to-market features that enable you to create, deliver, charge and profit from innovative new services
    • Intuitive and comprehensive Customer Management functions with a single console to support complex customer account & hierarchies across services that reduce Opex significantly.
    • Provides an easy-to-use OSS BSS platform for operations staff and partners that promote transparency, security, actionable information and efficient task execution. Our OSS BSS solutions implement the best practices such as the eTOM framework as discussed above.
    • Daemon Telecom Suite workflow enables a high level of process independence that creates an adaptable environment for reuse and robust integration of enterprise applications and processes.
    • Fits seamlessly into your enterprise IT architecture using SOA-based integration and protects your IT investments through easy software extensions.
    • Leverages parallel processing utilizing modern high-performance multi-core processors to improve scalability and reduce operational complexity.
    • Daemon Telecom Suite enables cost-effective growth providing unparalleled ROI with low TCO.

Architecture of Daemon Telecom Suite


DTS’ architecture clearly demonstrates the convergent solutions it can provide to both operators and their customers. The operational systems and the OSS BSS platforms work in accordance with your business revenue leaks, debts and interconnected billings to future-proof your business.