Need for Smart WQM

Smart solutions for water quality monitoring are gaining importance with advancement in communication technology. To ensure the supply of safe drinking water or fresh water for domestic, agricultural, industrial or other requirement it is very much essential to ensure the quality of water as per the requirement. This is a challenge due the excessive sources of pollutants. Quality of water is characterised by chemical, physical and biological composition of it. Traditional methods of water quality monitoring is done manually involving various steps and is prone to errors. With the arrival of sensors technologies, sensors are deployed in water to measure the amount of minerals and impurities present accurately.

Daemon’s Solution

We understand the importance of continuous monitoring of the water quality that helps track problems related to water. Daemon has developed an Intelligent IoT based water quality monitoring system that can be used by residential, agricultural and industrial users. The system employs various sensors to measure the water quality parameters like pH, TDS, Dissolved oxygen, Turbidity, Temperature, etc., and sends the information to the remote storage server. The system is flexible enough to add additional sensors to measure other parameters and also remove sensors if not required as per the requirements.


Features of Water quality Monitoring

Daemon’s WQM System is highly reliable and known for the accuracy:

  • The system collects various quality parameters from the water body
  • With remote monitoring capabilities, the system sends the data collected to maintenance staff for swift response
  • Keeps record of variation in water quality. This will help the customer to understand ways to achieve the desired water quality
  • Helps to execute the water quality management regulations
  • The system helps to setup rules based alerts on the data collected


  • The electrical devices such as motors can be remotely switched on/off by maintenance staff
  • Rules can also be set to automatically control the devices based on the data collected
  • Benefits of Our Water Quality Monitoring System

    WQM involves continuous monitoring of water quality parameters at strategic locations in the distribution system or in water bodies. Data from these monitoring stations is automatically transmitted to a central management system and analysed to detect unusual water quality conditions and take precautions to maintain the desirable water quality thereby reducing response time and greatly reducing the manual activities.

    The benefits include:

    • Early warning of emerging water quality issues, such as low disinfectant levels, taste & odour, and rusty water
    • Ability to detect and respond to system contamination incident. Thresholds can set to automatically generate alerts
    • Improved customer service through timely response to customers’ water quality concerns
    • Support regulatory compliance
    • Monitor and control Chemical dosing rates
    • Automate Storage tank operation
    • Determine water quality trends


    Water quality monitoring is important for several applications such as environment monitoring of pond and ecosystem, drinking water distribution, Contamination Detection in Drinking Water, etc. The system can be extended by looking into other parameters beside the above mentioned and monitor the water quality.

    The WQM system eliminates the need for periodical time-consuming water quality analysis and helps in improving the quality of the water through continuous monitoring. At the same time, it brings cost advantages to utility providers by eliminating periodical laboratory expenses.

    We’d like to discuss on this and implement water quality monitoring system in a smart way. Please write to us at or call +91 80 42101166 to know more.