• A Top-tier European Telco entrusted Daemon to provide Oracle OSM implementation and operational support
  • Resolve Business and IT challenges by providing integration and orchestration for activation of services involving Multiple Network Elements and billing system


  • End-to-end OSM implementation from proof of concept to solution design for all the phases, development, testing and deployment
  • A new product catalog was designed with structure (products with multiple levels), conversion, substitution and rendering rules
  • A new order entry  application was incorporated to make full use of the enhanced product catalog along with OSM
  • Interfaces to existing systems were developed to ensure there was no impact to existing functionality


  • All clients seamlessly integrated with backend network elements
  • By understanding the architecture and design behind OSM, Daemon was able to take OSM’s advantages and navigate around OSM’s shortcomings.
  • Greater product and pricing flexibility by limiting re-work and new product sets
  • Increased overall customer satisfaction and reduced maintenance and support costs