Develop your business with real-time Telecom Billing

Daemon’s DTS tool is a truly convergent billing system tailored to online businesses. It is the most reliable, scalable billing system software that aids billing at considerably less operating costs. Our software ensures you a better maintenance of the real database for future and an effective control over the revenue system.

With Daemon Transactional Suite, you will be able to:

  • Increase your business telecom billing accuracy by using a single, efficient and a flexible billing system for all the customers regardless of their location.
  • Manage real-time billing and interactions along with customer care through an effective web care software (CRM software).
  • Manage upstream applications like order management, provisioning and inventory management.
  • Manage downstream applications like marketing, revenue assurance and reportings.
  • Manage split billing for specific hierarchies of different organisations.
  • Speed up the transactions during complex interconnected billings.
  • Handle inputs over multiple lines including data/voice/currency/VoIP all in a unified manner.
  • Handle multiple organisations, languages, time zones, tax units simultaneously.

A flexible and complete billing system software is required to perform the migration seamlessly, and our Billing Systems proved to be the ideal choice. It can handle nearly any event record and ensures that your CDR data is securely saved to our servers so you can:

  • Conveniently access profitability reports, QoS and traffic reports from your browser.
  • Make addition, revise and recheck buying and selling rates more quickly.
  • Create professional PDF invoices in a couple of minutes.
  • Upload carrier rate sheets in their original format.

The following case study will give you a better idea how this billing system software effectively fulfilled client’s expectations:

APAC Telco – Telecom Billing Transformation

The previous billing system components of APAC Telco required a whole lot of manual work to be performed by the users and the expertise. Daemon started the project with the vision to build a solution that would completely transform APAC’s billing system using a reliable telecom billing software.


  • To transform the billing system using the RODOD solution by utilizing Oracle’s stack of communications products to fulfill the orders effectively and quickly.
  • Effectively managing the order life cycle & automating the existing processes to get reduced order fulfillment time.


  • Centralized product hub (PH4C) to design and publish the offers to CRM & BRM using AIA.
  • BRM to manage the billing information and OSM for order fulfillment.
  • Siebel CRM act as a Customer Master and interacts with OSM / BRM.
  • OSM employs request and response flow for all the communication.


  • Following services were implemented (Mobile, Wibro, PSTN, SOIP, IPTV, Internet, Wifi).
  • Subscribing to local/long distance/international carriers of other networks to get a converged bill.
  • Complex discounts on both usage & bill amounts.
  • Usage rating involving CDRs from domestic switches and inbound & outbound roaming usage.
  • Built a single platform to bill all the different customer base (Mobile, PSTN, SOIP etc).
  • Reduced the time to market for design & marketing of new business offerings.

Daemon, along with its unmatchable telecom billing services, successfully managed to transform the billing system to automate all the required billing operations. Not only the users, but the integrators too benefitted from out services and are now able to set up and manage all the telecom-related activities.