With the current pandemic situation and lockdown, educational institutions are having to cope with an unexpected situation, especially in India, during annual exam time, and all the schedules have been thrown out of gear. As institutions look for ways to minimize disruption to children’s curriculum and extending the school year into the vacations, teachers at schools across the country are looking for ways to teach children who are forced to stay at home. There has never been a more urgent need for good online/eLearning/LMS applications which could be a substitute for classroom learning. Teachers and parents are bracing for massive experiments in remote learning and education.

Learning management system (LMS) addresses couple of scenarios: one in which a school/colleges closes temporarily and have the facility to provide alternate solution for online learning, and the other being having a permanent online solution as a parallel learning opportunity. Education is a lot more effective when it’s “sought” than when it’s “taught”. A fantastic opportunity for Universities & Schools to embrace online education and catch up on the technical infrastructure debt.

Fitch Ratings expects reliance on online learning to grow in the next few months, adding to an expected increase in online education over the long term. Enrollment during campus shutdowns could decline at institutions without strong online learning platforms.

For company/business/corporate, such adversity/challenges gives rise to new avenues. When people start getting locked down, in different geographies, many of us will be drawn towards streaming entertainment, education and similar such services. It is an excellent opportunity for us to sharpen the saw, hone our skills and upskill.

A good Learning management system (LMS) should provide:

  • “Always-on” Learning – Content are available across devices, 24×7, which enables learning at learners own pace.
  • Easy to use application
  • Centralized data/content
  • Empower tutors by easy lesson-building tool, to provide Interactive lessons / learning paths
  • Incorporate different types of training, to keep the learner engaged and interested, and also, blend learning approach with audio, video or interactive elements.
  • Capability to allow academic/experts to group together and create personalized learning/courses, based on learner’s capability and knowledge
  • Make Learning Fun
  • Assignment and assessment, to regularly assess learner progress
  • Collaborative tools, for easy learner/tutor interaction, and keep learner engaged
  • Affordable
  • Reports/Analytics tools to track learners/courses.

Daemon KLIP Learning Management Software) has most of the features to suit the needs and can be implemented in quick time. It includes:

  • Interactive Lessons / Learning Paths – Anytime, Anywhere learning
  • Supports multiple content types, like PDF, MS word, PPT, MS Excel, video, audio, html, etc.
  • SCORM compliant
  • Multi lingual support
  • Ability to integrate external and internal channels of teaching
  • Strong Assessment and learning outcome driven model
  • Very affordable
  • Collaborative tools, like e-mail, discussion forum, blog, surveys, opinion polls, etc.
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Gamification module provides a framework to incent and motivate the learners
  • Mobile-ready features
  • Personalization
  • Social Learning

Please contact us (sales@daemon.co.in or +91 99724 15572) for a demo of our KLIP LMS, which helps institutions/organizations provide a complete online eLearning platform.

These are trying times, with COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic causing loss of life and creating havoc around the world and disrupting normal life. Stay safe and follow the health guidelines, to prevent the spread of the virus.

God bless you all