The traditional Education system meant direct face to face interaction between the Instructors and the learners. There was a huge cost with respect to time, money, facilities, logistics, assessments etc. Both the instructors and the learners would have to devote their time for the education. Facilities such as hall, projectors, boards etc. were to be arranged. Logistics was involved in moving the human resources between different physical sites. Assessments were a time-consuming, painful and a stressful exercise. It also placed a restriction on the number of learners and instructors. Since education was limited to a few, it meant that education was costlier.

In this situation, the Learning Management Systems are disrupting traditional education in a positive way. For example, KLIP LMS ( by Daemon software is one such LMS. Here the educational medium is content. This content can be in form of any SCORM compliant content such as PDF, MS word, PPT, MS Excel, video, audio, html etc. This content is hosted on to the KLIP LMS. The content is classified and structured for easy browsing and learning. The learners access this educational content and learn through laptops, desktops or smartphones at their own pace. Since the content can be in many formats, it is a fun way of learning too. The assessments are taken online, the marks and ranks are also conducted online. As it is noticed, compared to the traditional method of education described in above, there is a huge reduction in capital and operating expenditures. Since the teaching is recurring to repeated batches, the Learning Management System (LMS) way is more adapted to this and does not require a repeated exercise but just adding the required number of users. Also there is a socio-economic benefit to the society because the number of learners can be huge and the number of faculty can be less. This reduces the capex and opex for any company or institute, which in return results in reduced cost of education. Also the not so brilliant learners can take a more closely monitored interactive guidance from the Instructors, online.

In a nutshell, LMS is taking education to the common man and the cost compared to the traditional medium is comparatively low which makes it more affordable.