Establishments are looking for cost savings and improved planning capabilities through integrations of the entire asset lifecycle. IT asset lifecycle management practice is the key to the organizations ROI on IT assets. Daemon Asset Management System (AMS) is a comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management solution which enables to manage IT and Non-IT assets from procurement to Retirement. Daemon Asset management System (AMS) is an all in one package which consists of Configuration management Database (CMDB), Agent and Agent-Less Inventory Management System and System Management (IT Automation) that makes Asset Management very easy and effective with proven IT asset Life Cycle Management process and technology situations to achieve greater savings and efficiency.

Daemon Asset management System (AMS) provides one stop Solution for Five Stages of IT and non-IT Asset Management and enables to perform vital activities in each stage of an Asset.
  • Procurement
  • Deploy and Discover
  • Maintain
  • Support
  • Retirement and Disposal

Daemon Asset Management System (AMS) Features

  • Integrated Bar Coding System
  • Purchase Order and Contract Management
  • OS and Software License Compliance
  • IT Policy Compliance
  • Custom Inventory
  • Software Normalization
  • Microsoft OS and Application Patch Management
  • Linux OS Patch Management
  • System Management (IT Automation)
  • Hardware and Software Change Tracking
  • Dashboards and Reports